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7th April 2022

Access allows for a way in, an entry point to an untapped candidate pool or a lucrative and rewarding career in recruitment. Access was created as a response to a talent shortage in the local market and the acknowledgment that attitude and drive supersedes experience. Our exclusive event brings together ten leading recruitment agencies and ten carefully selected aspiring recruitment consultants for an evening of professional speed interviewing and networking.


If you have ever looked for a new flatmate, added members to a sports team or assessed suitability of a potential significant other you have recruited! We are providing an opportunity like no other, to have a discussion with a mix of well-respected industry professionals, in a professional yet friendly environment, with guidance from us at Rice.


With a national population of just over half of London the local candidate pool is relatively shallow. Access is helping to replenish the market with quality recruitment talent. Meet and assess ten aspiring recruitment consultants in the time it normally takes to interview just one, then take a breather with some relaxed networking courtesy of your hosts at Rice Consulting.

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