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Jonathan Rice


A Week of Winners and Losers

Quick one from me this week as I'm off on me 'olidays after today (as I'm sure many other recruiters with kids are also planning on doing too!)  For the rest of you, enjoy the free flowing traffic for a couple of weeks and try not to get too frustrated…
Jonathan Rice
July 6, 2017

How Recruiters Can Start To Combat Racism

So last week's blog about the recording of a racist recruiter's rant caused quite a stir, which is to be expected. Much of the reaction consisted of varying levels of indignation and outrage, something we digital commentators have become pretty competent at expressing in recent years. You know how LinkedIn…
Jonathan Rice
June 29, 2017

Dealing With A Racist Recruiter

This is what she said, "I can tell you, I've been in recruitment all my life, if I saw your CV come across the table it would go straight back down in the rubbish bin," She followed this up with, "There's hundreds of Kiwis out there - there's hundreds of…
Jonathan Rice
June 22, 2017

Farewell to Two Amazing Recruiters

Companies that use blogs to talk about how awesome and amazing they are don't really get what the whole point of content marketing is about and are surprisingly adept at swiftly turning off their already meager audience.  Which is why over seven years of blogging I have very rarely ventured…
Jonathan Rice
June 15, 2017

Recruitment Innovation Is A Shift In Mindset Away

I seem to find myself frequently riffing on the topic of innovation, or lack thereof, in our recruitment industry this year. It's an important topic for us currently, particularly in agency land. After years of hearing about how technology will replace us - from robots performing our physical duties, to…
Jonathan Rice
June 1, 2017