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Toxic culture, or are you just allergic?

When I was a nipper, the only thing "toxic" was toxic waste. In my mind's eye, this substance glowed fluorescent green and lived in oil drums. Nowadays, everything is toxic. From masculinity, to relationships, to culture, to workplaces. Using the term "toxic" is now all the explanation required to describe…
Sean Walters
August 5, 2022
EmploymentHuman Resources

Zuru throw their toys at Glassdoor

Those with one eye on the world may have seen an interesting case played out in the US courts this week, originating in little ol’ Aotearoa. Kiwi Toymaking giant Zuru, with revenues of over US$1bn, have won the right to be told the identities of those who have given them…
Sean Walters
July 22, 2022

Itchy Feet

What is to be done with all these recruiters leaving? One agency has an innovative solution. Thank me later for the image used, the free-to-use ones were truly horrific 🦶🏻🤮
Scott Burnett
July 1, 2022