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The CV is Dead…

...At least that's according to LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman who claims they are now a redundant part of the jobseeking and hiring process, thanks to the rapidly growing presence of his own site's online profile versions. And almost dead, but not quite yet, according to the omnipresent HR influencer / guru…
Jonathan Rice
March 8, 2012
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Recruiters, Get Your Heads Out Of The Sand And Embrace The Future

The squeeze is on.  Recruitment agencies are doing it tough right now.  The entire recruitment landscape post-recession has changed and for many it is a weird moonscape causing a great deal of displacement and discomfort.  January was a particularly sluggish month for recruitment with many key client decision-makers taking virtually the whole (rain-soaked)…
Jonathan Rice
March 1, 2012
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A Point of Reference

When is the best time to conduct reference checks? I thought I knew the answer to  this question, but events this week have compelled me to put this question out to you all in recruitment land.  Help me answer this question. The reason I must know is that our standards of…
Jonathan Rice
November 24, 2011