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My Name is Not Natalie

I was born on the 24th of March 1988, christened Natasha Maria Foster and for the next 25 years largely called by that name, or some close variation of. Then I started working in recruitment and suddenly, inexplicably, my name became Natalie. It is still one of my favourite things,…
Natasha Foster
February 8, 2018

The Curse of Being Too Good

I'm currently reading a biography of the former Heavyweight boxing champion Sonny Liston. One of thirteen children of a dirt-poor sharecropping family born amidst the Great Depression, Liston didn't have the easiest of starts on this planet. Although slavery had been abolished 50 years prior to his arrival, little had…
Sean Walters
October 12, 2017

Social Recruitment Is Losing Its Way

Thanks to everyone who attended the RicePowWow last night, it was a great evening.  The talk from Jacqui Wall from Umbrella on building resilience in recruitment is certainly coming in handy with the somewhat fragile nature of me and my team this morning. One comment made last night, out of the…
Jonathan Rice
March 30, 2017

Sourcing Eggs

No Whiteboard blog this week for it is Good Friday, as I'm sure you well know.  I'll be busy hiding eggs and such forth so from me and all of us at Rice Consulting, Happy Easter.   Now go put your finely honed sourcing skills to good use and go…
Jonathan Rice
March 24, 2016

Let’s Hear It For The Resourcers

It's still early days, but I'm starting to sense something of a power shift in the finely balanced egos and nuances of the recruitment agency hierarchy.  A quiet revolution is building, a revolution taken to the preening, strutting, client-facing business developers by the hitherto subservient candidate managers and resourcers. Particularly…
Jonathan Rice
August 6, 2015

Sourcing Summit 2015: The Best Bits

Earlier this week witnessed the gathering of the glitterati of the New Zealand recruitment community at the 2015 Sourcing Summit.  Well that might be over egging the pudding slightly, but it was certainly a damn good-looking bunch of recruiters, agency and in-house, a smattering of HR, and edifying in the…
Jonathan Rice
July 30, 2015

Giving LinkedIn Premium a Side Step

Hands up if you have still managed to resist the need to pay for Premium LinkedIn products?  Assuming that most of the readers of this post will be HR or Recruiter types of some shape or form (and also perhaps my Mum.  Hi Mum.) I wouldn't expect many hands, in…
Jonathan Rice
April 23, 2015