Recruiters and Their Social Media Fails

Like many of you recruiters out there, things are pretty busy for me right now.  Which is great.  Hiring intentions are up, stress levels rising accordingly, and there aren't enough hours in the day.  Add to that the couple of events we hosted last week for our vRPO recruiters and…
Jonathan Rice
October 2, 2014
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Zapping Jobseeker Spam

There's been a ton of publicity over the past week or so since Zappos announced their new careers page Zappos Insider and the fact they will no longer be posting vacancies on job boards. What has been widely acclaimed as a brave and game changing move (but something that Air…
Jonathan Rice
June 5, 2014

LinkedIn Almost Got Smart

We've heard plenty of commentary recently about how LinkedIn are revolutionising the way companies recruit and their recent conference fueled those flames of perceived disruptive innovation even more. No doubt the Australasian Talent Conference currently happening in Sydney will pour more kerosene on those flames (probably along with declarations that…
Jonathan Rice
May 22, 2014