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Good Recruitment Ads Don’t Work

Seemingly impervious to the recent Auckland cold snap, Jon has once again handed over the whiteboard market to me as he heads down to Queenstown for the long weekend. Regular readers of the Whiteboard will know of Jon’s propensity to support innovation, disruptive ideas, and l'enfant terribles within the recruitment…
Jonathan Rice
May 29, 2014

LinkedIn Almost Got Smart

We've heard plenty of commentary recently about how LinkedIn are revolutionising the way companies recruit and their recent conference fueled those flames of perceived disruptive innovation even more. No doubt the Australasian Talent Conference currently happening in Sydney will pour more kerosene on those flames (probably along with declarations that…
Jonathan Rice
May 22, 2014

Recruiting Through the Airwaves

Short week, Friday already, I think that calls for a sing-a-long.  Come on everyone, sing it with me: "All we hear is *clap clap* Radio Ga-Ga *clap clap* Radio Goo-Goo Radio what's neeeeew? Radio... re-cruit-ment loves you" Is that how it goes?  Something like that right?  Certainly seems like it…
Jonathan Rice
April 12, 2012