Always Be Recruiting

When I left the UK and entered the Sydney recruitment market Hays, my new employer, were kind enough to put me up in their Mosman company apartment for the first couple of weeks.  My most enduring memory from that time, apart from the gorgeous sunrises reflecting on the CBD's glass towers…
Jonathan Rice
February 7, 2013

Recruitment Black Holes and Revelations

If you've been in recruitment long enough you will no doubt be tired by now of hearing about our "terrible reputation" for feedback, follow up, returning calls...for adequately communicating.  Surprising accusation of an industry that really exists to network, build relationships and make matches through various communication channels. Witness the…
Jonathan Rice
November 22, 2012

Recruiting Through the Airwaves

Short week, Friday already, I think that calls for a sing-a-long.  Come on everyone, sing it with me: "All we hear is *clap clap* Radio Ga-Ga *clap clap* Radio Goo-Goo Radio what's neeeeew? Radio... re-cruit-ment loves you" Is that how it goes?  Something like that right?  Certainly seems like it…
Jonathan Rice
April 12, 2012
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The CV is Dead…

...At least that's according to LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman who claims they are now a redundant part of the jobseeking and hiring process, thanks to the rapidly growing presence of his own site's online profile versions. And almost dead, but not quite yet, according to the omnipresent HR influencer / guru…
Jonathan Rice
March 8, 2012