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Thank God for Clichés

Blogging after a Rice PowWow is always a challenge. I'm always torn between hoping that New Zealand's premier recruitment networking event will throw up an interesting topic, and the reality of having to write five hundred words with a stinking hangover. Thankfully, after having the same conversation with the umpteenth…
Sean Walters
December 6, 2018
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The British Invasion

“You don’t know if you want a job until you’re offered the job”. This was the advice given to flaky candidates at second stage interviews by the man who taught me how to recruit. The rationale being that in a London market, competing aggressively for top-talent, clients would often make…
Sean Walters
October 4, 2018
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I’m Leaving!!

No, not me. You can mop your tea/coffee up from the premature spitting out in shock. What I wanted to explore in this edition of The Whiteboard is one of the more frequently asked questions that I get from clients and also a question that has helped my understanding of…
Scott Burnett
September 20, 2018

A Place For Everyone

This week saw me down in Christchurch. As I ubered through what remains of the city, I was reminded that Christchurch was actually my entry point and introduction to New Zealand. Fresh off a plane from Fiji and following a coin-toss at Auckland Airport in 2010, it was decided that…
Sean Walters
July 26, 2018

A Story of Two Cars

Imagine just for a moment that you were buying a new car. Actually, no. Not a new car. A nearly new car. You know that there are many options on how to go about purchasing a motor vehicle. Your next door neighbour, who I shall call for the purpose of…
Sean Walters
May 31, 2018