So Far? So So.

I'd like to think I'll be retrospectively reading back through these blogs once the market roars back into action, in the meantime here's a snapshot of what's happening out there in the recruitment world.
Scott Burnett
May 22, 2020
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I’m Leaving!!

No, not me. You can mop your tea/coffee up from the premature spitting out in shock. What I wanted to explore in this edition of The Whiteboard is one of the more frequently asked questions that I get from clients and also a question that has helped my understanding of…
Scott Burnett
September 20, 2018
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The Silent Treatment

As a recruiter, I love April. We bid farewell to the last financial year, and steam into 2018/19 with all guns blazing. For our business, it also coincides with our end of year sales meeting, team performance reviews, and some big picture thinking and planning for the year ahead. All…
Sean Walters
April 19, 2018

Old School Recruiter Control

When I started out in recruitment in the middle of last decade I was lucky enough to receive some pretty good training from a company renowned for developing and growing fledgling recruiters. Many of those learnings have stuck with me over the years but one aspect in particular shines with the greatest…
Jonathan Rice
March 2, 2017

Why You Should Care Less About Candidate Experience

Out of the soporific hum and chit chat of last night's Auckland Recruitment Meet Up there sprung a surprisingly vigorous debate. The team at Beca, lead by the ever-suave Richard Long, got everyone up on their feet. The purpose: To position our bodies in different zones of the room denoting…
Jonathan Rice
June 2, 2016