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The CV is Dead…

...At least that's according to LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman who claims they are now a redundant part of the jobseeking and hiring process, thanks to the rapidly growing presence of his own site's online profile versions. And almost dead, but not quite yet, according to the omnipresent HR influencer / guru…
Jonathan Rice
March 8, 2012

Cover Letter Fails Meet My Delete Button

Wow.  Friday already.  These short weeks are great aren’t they?  Australia had Tuesday off as well so I doubt many of them even bothered engaging the work side of their brains this week.  Just think of all the extra temp hours generated in New Zealand this week over our Aussie…
Jonathan Rice
April 28, 2011

Fraudulent CV Saga starts to lack Momentum

  Ali Dia arrived at English Premier League Southampton back in November 1996.  He had been signed by the then manager, Graeme Souness, purely on the basis of some hazy video footage and a phone call, purportedly from World Footballer of the Year George Weah, claiming to be the cousin…
Jonathan Rice
September 16, 2010