Target Practice

Annual reviews were about a month ago and you would've been served up with some brand new targets, but why? A certain Egyptian King gave us an insight into why this week πŸ‘‘
Scott Burnett
May 6, 2022

Wage War

Base salaries are on the rise in our industry, most likely across all industries with demand outweighing supply. Take a look into what recruiters used to expect and what they should now.
Scott Burnett
April 22, 2022

Why Brits Make Good Recruiters

Happy Friday everyone. Well actually it's Thursday here as I'm bringing you the second in the UK series of The Whiteboard. But I'll just pretend to keep up appearances if you don't mind. After more than a week immersed back in the UK culture, plus several conversations with recruiters in…
Jonathan Rice
September 1, 2016

Talent Shortages Breeding More Creative Offers

Being a Brit, I've naturally found myself dipping into my Guardian newspaper app with increasing regularity this week. With my old country turning its back on Europe after a majority voted for "Brexit" and then the national football team haughtily following suit by slouching off from the Euros tournament, dispatched…
Jonathan Rice
June 30, 2016
Human ResourcesRecruitment

Diversity of Thought in Recruiting

I'm enjoying the newly emerging trend of more interesting, fresh-thinking press releases from the global corporates of our recruitment community. Β After years of pithy proclamations re-hashing the same old stories of skills shortages and talent shortages and "oh how about using us to help you recruit?" it seems the PR…
Jonathan Rice
May 19, 2016