Recruitment’s Salary Survey Conspiracy

Why is that we recruiters do so much work for free?  Or should I say, how is it that we are always expected to do so much for nothing?  Is it because of the seemingly large fees we charge when a placement does eventually come off? It's kind of funny…
Jonathan Rice
October 31, 2013

Recruitment, the Game of Connections

Being a keen sports fan (and clumsily participating in some too), it has always struck me throughout my sales and recruitment career how parallel the two worlds of sport and sales/recruitment are.  The goal-setting, the competition, the teamwork, the emotion, the motivation, the management and the ups and downs of…
Jonathan Rice
October 24, 2013

Spitting the Recruitment Dummy

Since entering the recruitment industry over eight years ago I've heard more than the fair share of phrases like "spitting the dummy", "throwing toys from the pram" and "playing in a different sandpit". And no, this isn't in relation to childlike behaviour from clients and candidates, but rather they're metaphors…
Jonathan Rice
September 26, 2013
Human ResourcesRecruitment

Return To The Dark Side

This week's Whiteboard scribbles are brought to you from the feverish pen of Sean Walters...   Something strange is happening. Regular Whiteboard readers may remember my blog bemoaning the number of burnt-out agency recruiters migrating to the perceived warmer climates of internal recruitment. Well it seems that the tide is…
Jonathan Rice
August 29, 2013

You Need Chutzpah to be a Recruiter

Everyone out there knows that the best IT Recruiters have a technical background in coding or programming, right?  Or the best Healthcare recruiters used to be nurses, the best Accounting recruiters come out of the Big 4, and the best Business Support recruiters can type 85 words per minute whilst…
Jonathan Rice
August 22, 2013
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Is LinkedIn Losing Its Way?

Hey LinkedIn.  What are you up to?  You're the professional social network that is supposed to be the future of recruitment... Are you finding it difficult to juggle being the altruistic nirvana for professional networking and a publicly listed corporation monetising and commercialising left, right and centre to to sate your voracious…
Jonathan Rice
July 25, 2013