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Jobseekers Swipe Right

There's been a lot of interesting stuff shared by commentators from our recruitment community this week but something that really stood out for me was the article shared by Mark Sumner revealing SEEK's large investment in the so-called "Tinder for Jobs" app Switch. Just like the prefix "Uber for..." denotes…
Jonathan Rice
June 9, 2016

Apparently Jobseekers Hate Recruitment Agencies

There's always been a general air of agency-bashing permeating the recruitment industry, well certainly there has for the decade of my involvement anyway.  Usually it's just a general sense, anecdotal evidence, Chinese whispers, a subtle roll of the eyes when a newly-met acquaintance learns what it is you do for…
Jonathan Rice
April 7, 2016

How Not To Fire People

Surprisingly, and perhaps disappointingly, I've never been fired from a job. Surprising, given that a good proportion of my day-to-day behaviour isn't appropriate for the workplace. Disappointing, given that being the narcissist that my ex-girlfriend describes me as, I like to place myself centre-stage for all my blogs. However, I have…
Jonathan Rice
October 15, 2015

“Trust Me, I’m A Candidate”

I should warn you now. Today's Whiteboard covers familiar territory. Now either I'm running out of ideas, or the same issue keeps gouging at our collective industry eyes' like an Argentinian Lock. Over the weekend, the Herald ran a story regarding Anthony Kiro, a former professional League player, who through…
Jonathan Rice
September 24, 2015

Are the kids really alright?

I try and stay positive. Recruitment has a habit of beating you down occasionally, but to last in this industry, you have to have hope. Hope that a candidate shows up to an interview. Hope that the offer is sufficient. Hope that next month will be "the one". My usual…
Jonathan Rice
September 17, 2015

The Recruiter Virus

Recruiters are under attack.  And no, not necessarily from the legions of disgruntled jobseekers and aghast HR departments who are our traditional detractors.  This time it's from those lovely people who try to eke out an excuse for a life sending computer viruses from dark rooms in darker corners of the…
Jonathan Rice
July 2, 2015

How Honest Can Recruiters Afford To Be?

The notion of "no publicity is bad publicity" was severely put to the test by Annette Sleep of O'Neil's Personnel last weekend.  Telling a candidate for one of her vacancies that she couldn't represent her to their client because she had children in daycare, and would probably end up taking…
Jonathan Rice
June 25, 2015

Maxims for a Modern Recruiter to “Get On”

Have you ever wondered how we managed to cope in the pre-internet years?  Without being bombarded with constant streams of cleverly curated content, compiled into numbered lists (for ease of consumption, and to get more hits), about how to do this and that better, smarter, cheaper, faster?  How did we…
Jonathan Rice
April 30, 2015