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Cracks Show in Construction Boom

Two prominent construction companies, Ebert and Maven, bit the dust this week in the midst of what might just be New Zealand’s biggest construction boom, and the response from recruiters encompassed everything from panic to sick glee (and, thankfully, sympathy). Meanwhile industry experts remind us that these weren’t the first…
Natasha Foster
August 2, 2018
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Smoke and Mirrors

Not being a full-fledged smoker myself I must say I am partial to the occasional puff after a couple of craftys and if the Pow Wow smoking area is anything to go by then I am not alone. Remember that episode of Friends when Rachel misses out on important business…
Scott Burnett
April 5, 2018

A Week of Winners and Losers

Quick one from me this week as I'm off on me 'olidays after today (as I'm sure many other recruiters with kids are also planning on doing too!)  For the rest of you, enjoy the free flowing traffic for a couple of weeks and try not to get too frustrated…
Jonathan Rice
July 6, 2017

Candle In The Bin

This week saw the official announcement that Candle ICT, one of the longest-standing IT Recruitment brands in the New Zealand market, would be closing the doors on its unprofitable NZ operations due to their local strategies over the past couple of years failing to pay off: "A significant investment strategy…
Jonathan Rice
May 26, 2016

RCSA New Zealand Gasping for Relevancy

It's been quite a while since The Whiteboard took a look at the RCSA and the role it plays in our New Zealand recruitment industry.  Almost five years in fact. Somehow, we must have become distracted by other events and goings-on and overlooked the work being done by our "...leading…
Jonathan Rice
May 12, 2016