Robert Half’s Utopian Recruitment Bubble

A couple of weeks ago a video from Customise Consulting caused a bit of a stir on this blog with its amusingly provocative jabs towards the traditional, corporate, recruitment agency model.  This week I came across another video about being a recruitment consultant, but this one is actually from one…
Jonathan Rice
February 20, 2014
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Return To The Dark Side

This week's Whiteboard scribbles are brought to you from the feverish pen of Sean Walters...   Something strange is happening. Regular Whiteboard readers may remember my blog bemoaning the number of burnt-out agency recruiters migrating to the perceived warmer climates of internal recruitment. Well it seems that the tide is…
Jonathan Rice
August 29, 2013

The LinkedIn LoveIn

This week's Whiteboard ramblings are brought to you by Sean Walters...   Speaking with an Internal Recruiter friend of mine the other day, he explained with an excitement usually reserved for craft beer, how he has just actually recruited someone via Facebook. Now I know as social-media savvy recruiters, we’re…
Jonathan Rice
July 18, 2013
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Recruiters and Rocket Scientists

Anyone can do recruitment.  It isn't exactly rocket science, right? Heard that good old chestnut before?  Of course you have.  How about the fact that there's no barriers to entry in recruitment? (Yawn).  That all we're doing is chucking ads up on job boards (ok some are, hopefully many others…
Jonathan Rice
April 4, 2013

Resigned Acceptance

Last week Groupon's co-founder and CEO Andrew Mason was fired by the board who are seeking some fresh input to resurrect a wobbly share price.  The toppled entrepreneur took it with good grace (admittedly easier to do with a hefty severance payment and continued 7.1% shareholding) and publicly posted a quirky and irreverent…
Jonathan Rice
March 7, 2013

Always Be Recruiting

When I left the UK and entered the Sydney recruitment market Hays, my new employer, were kind enough to put me up in their Mosman company apartment for the first couple of weeks.  My most enduring memory from that time, apart from the gorgeous sunrises reflecting on the CBD's glass towers…
Jonathan Rice
February 7, 2013