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Recruiters Putting the Social into Networking

The topic I had planned to blog about today has been put back a week.  So now I'm like a desperate press industry hack scrabbling around for inspiration with some portly, cigar-smoking, sociopathic editor breathing down my neck.  Except in this instance that editor is you my dear reader.  Damn you.…
Jonathan Rice
November 26, 2015

Taking A Recruitment Holiday

I'm sure many of you readers will be delighted to learn that this will be my last blog post for a few weeks.  I'm heading off to the other hemisphere for a wee while.  Don't worry though, you'll be in good hands with Sean Walters for your Friday dose of…
Jonathan Rice
September 3, 2015

Sourcing Summit 2015: The Best Bits

Earlier this week witnessed the gathering of the glitterati of the New Zealand recruitment community at the 2015 Sourcing Summit.  Well that might be over egging the pudding slightly, but it was certainly a damn good-looking bunch of recruiters, agency and in-house, a smattering of HR, and edifying in the…
Jonathan Rice
July 30, 2015

Local Recruitment For Local People

I've blogged a few times before about the deterioration of the traditional recruitment models and the need for today's recruiters to evolve and develop their offerings to meet the changing demands of clients in the future.  So it was with great interest I read about Auckland recruitment firm Razzbri launching…
Jonathan Rice
May 28, 2015

All That Glitters Isn’t Recruitment Gold

Recruiters must evolve. That's the mantra getting chanted with ever increasing volume around the blogs, speaking circuits and self serving espousals of supposed thought leaders of our industry. It's also a mantra I have subscribed to, and championed myself, for a number of years now. But has it got us…
Jonathan Rice
April 16, 2015

The LinkedIn Inspirational Meme Pandemic

Having last been seen heading towards Waihi with a pick axe and gold pan, Jon is once again AWOL, leaving the squeaky pen in my hand. As recruiters, a fair proportion of our lives is spent staring at the familiar blue and grey screen of LinkedIn. Akin to a TV without a remote, we…
Jonathan Rice
April 9, 2015

“un”ravelling culture and the position description

Again, Jonathan Rice is indulging his penchant for exotic travel, leaving me in charge of the whiteboard… Conference season has landed and rival codes appear to be refreshingly combative. Last night we saw the kindly mother-in-law of professional bodies HRINZ, up against the “as much use as a pork pie…
Jonathan Rice
November 6, 2014