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Telephone vs Email in Recruitment

Phone or e-mail?  Which form of communication works best in recruitment?  It's an age old argument that will have many recruiters gushing forth their own pre-conditioned response that the phone, of course, is the best and most effective tool for communication.  I wrote a blog over a year ago reviewing…
Jonathan Rice
July 21, 2011

Smoke Cigarettes to Bill More Fees

A new smoking debate made big news in New Zealand this week with the Auckland District Health Board, who employ more than 10,000 people, looking to implement a policy whereby they will refuse to hire smokers.  Obviously, this stirred up great plumes of dissention from the nicotine-stained parts of the…
Jonathan Rice
July 14, 2011

Cover Letter Fails Meet My Delete Button

Wow.  Friday already.  These short weeks are great aren’t they?  Australia had Tuesday off as well so I doubt many of them even bothered engaging the work side of their brains this week.  Just think of all the extra temp hours generated in New Zealand this week over our Aussie…
Jonathan Rice
April 28, 2011