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Vote for Pedro Recruitment

So the annual SEEK awards must be getting close again.  So far I have been implored by eleven different recruitment companies to bestow my individual vote upon them, via email, LinkedIn and Twitter.  The vote, for those of you unaware, is to designate that particular firm as my "favourite recruitment…
Jonathan Rice
August 15, 2013

The Cult of Job-Hop Happy Recruiters

Wow, what a storm last night.  I hope everyone out there in recruitment land is safe and sound this morning, especially the icy South and our wind torn capital.  Quick one from me today as I'm working from home this morning.  No we're not snowed in in Auckland, although the…
Jonathan Rice
June 20, 2013
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Recruitment SEEKonomics

There's an intriguing range of wild and wacky economic indicators being bandied about by some lighter-hearted economists these days.  Have you heard about burgernomics and the Big Mac Index that measures the currency level of a nation against it's average Big Mac price?  (NZ is bang on the money).  Or…
Jonathan Rice
June 6, 2013

Tear Up The CVs

When I received yet another CV yesterday saying that the candidate could "work well in a team and also autonomously" I wondered, what is the bloody point of this?  Why do we still insist on receiving a daunting stack of CV's for every job we recruit when they have by and…
Jonathan Rice
April 11, 2013

Recruiters – Yes We Can

This week I'm delighted to announce a new Director at Rice Consulting and virtualRPO as Sean Walters makes the step up.  And so it is with great pleasure I hand over the Whiteboard marker pen to Sean to bring to you this week's guest blog post, and I'll be back causing…
Jonathan Rice
February 14, 2013