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Agency Rec to Rec
We know recruiters and we know where to find them. For top agency recruiters finding the right career path can be a minefield, especially with many firms looking and sounding the same. We are your eyes and ears in the market, offering clear, transparent and honest advice about making the right move.
In House Rec to Rec
We are the only business that specialises in recruiting internal recruiters. For clients we serve up the best talent acquisition professionals, sourced locally and globally, on a permanent and contract basis. For candidates, not all internal roles are created equal, and we can offer invaluable guidance on what works for you.
Human Resources Recruitment

We work with some of New Zealand’s top HR functions. Our experience and networks span the full HR spectrum, from Learning & Development to Generalist HR Leadership and everything in between. We work across New Zealand, recruiting for both permanent and contract opportunities.

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Our Team

Jonathan Rice

Leadership Appointments

After completing a Law Degree in the UK Jonathan worked in California and London before entering the recruitment industry in Australia. Moving to New Zealand in 2006, he started recruiting recruiters in 2007 and founded Rice Consulting in a spare room on Auckland's North Shore in 2009. He is also co-founder of JOYN, an new innovation for flexible, on-demand Recruitment and HR Consultants to work ad hoc recruitment gigs and projects. He loves recruiters, he even married one, and enjoys contributing to the community by writing, blogging and speaking on recruitment at any given opportunity.

Sean Walters

Internal Rec-to-Rec and HR Recruitment

Sean, like Jesus, is the son of a carpenter. Originally hailing from the UK, and after a stint as a rather shady car salesman, he muddled his way into the internal recruitment industry with England's fastest growing telco business. With six years' UK recruitment experience spanning financial services, sales and marketing, operations, and retail, across both in-house and external search firms, Sean arrived in New Zealand with his backpack in 2011.

Possessing a rare mix of internal recruitment experience and a total inability to complete basic administrative tasks, Sean stepped back into agency life on arrival. Partnering with founder Jonathan Rice, he built a desk focussed on extending our “rec-to-rec” offering to both internal recruitment functions and HR teams alike.

Many placements and three Rugby World Cup's later, Sean focusses on helping corporates and SMEs hire exceptional internal recruitment and HR talent across New Zealand.

Scott Burnett

Agency Rec-to-Rec

Scott hails from the sunny channel island of Jersey. Only 9 miles by 5 and smaller than Waiheke, he credits his recruitment ability to this social petri dish, ensuring good relationships were upheld in order to avoid any unnecessary run ins with big brothers, cousins etc. With a Scouse mum and a Glaswegian dad, a sense of humour was genetic; allegiance to both Liverpool FC and Celtic FC solidified when Kenny ‘Dalglish’ was chosen as a middle namesake having played and/or managed both football teams.

Having spent 3 years at a large global multi-disciplinary agency, building up both architectural and property desks, Scott learnt the tools to become a successful recruiter and importantly the ability to identify what makes a successful recruiter. After achieving his residency, he jumped at the chance to join an organisation with such a strong focus on establishing and nurturing relationships. Working a range of roles, from new-to-recruitment candidates to General Managers, Scott is able to use his 6 years in the local market to source hard to find talent at varying levels. Being the sole rec to rec operating from Auckland CBD he is able to meet with clients and candidates with relative ease, so if you would like a confidential coffee or a solution to your staffing requirements, Scott is always happy to chat.

Anastasia Lee

Candidate Services

Anastasia gained her recruitment stripes in Australia before moving back home to NZ to be part of the local recruitment scene.

Interacting with the movers and shakers of our recruitment community, Anastasia is a skilled resourcer providing support, advice and expertise to internal recruiters, agency recruiters and HR professionals. Anastasia's quick wit and friendly nature ensures that the candidate experience is memorable and enjoyable.

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